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I love working with Scholas.

‘I love Scholas’ idea and I am always satisfied with their work, not to mention their design and development result.
Our children customers will definitely love to use it”
This is what one of our clients told us at a business meeting.
We have been working with this client for 17 years.

Our goal of business is to create customers.

Peter Drucker, an Austrian management consultant, said the goal of business is to create customers.
If there’s no customer in market, enterprises couldn’t exist.

Scholas has supported companies to get customers and has contributed to entertain customers.
In consequence, we’ve accumulated a lot of outcomes in planning, developing, manufacturing and providing promotional gifts(3D puzzles) for corporates. We are also satisfying our customers with unique and special items only Scholas can make, not like other common gifts that you can see in everywhere.

3D Puzzle : Pop Out World

‘3d Puzzle : Pop Out World’ is the main brand of Scholas.
It has been long talked about supplying 1.2 million sets of the movie “Lord of the Rings” as promotional gifts.
‘The ABC Animal world’, the 3D puzzle connected English alphabet to animal, is firstly developed in the world by Scholas and was awarded the first prize by Venture Design Awards. It was also provided to more than a million education companies and helped them to obtain new customers every year.

Promotion of Scholas

“We have cooperated for promotion with a lot of companies from all over the world such as Japan, US, Italy, France, Chile, Colombia, Germany and etc. And among them, there are shipping company, publishing company, musical instrument company and various airlines companies.
And domestically (in Korea), we have been developed more than

We also develop and offer promotional gift over 100 enterprises like domestic airlines, educational companies, local governments, public institutions, research institutions, food franchises etc., where a promotional material is needed.

From planning to supplying, if you are side by Scholas, you can taste unique and inimitable promotion effects. Scholas people, who have originality, sensitivity, passion and multiple experiences, believe that we are experts and we are waiting your company’s inquiry. We are always open.

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